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YCH Sleepy by donutisgreen YCH Sleepy :icondonutisgreen:donutisgreen 15 13
Judge, Jury, and Jason Todd [1] | Jason Todd
Warning: Snippets of Jason's time with the Joker and dark themes implied.
Gotham has this stench that clings to it.
Rats poke out of dingy alleyways and skitter around, disgustingly overgrown tails sweeping behind them. Graffiti is splayed out over Gotham; it suffocates the rundown diners that serve their customers with dirty plates instead of smiles, the motels with stiff beds that are less comfortable than the floors, and the old apartments where someone’s always moving in right after the last person left. Everything is fair game in Gotham, and there’s always some hotshot saying he owns the city because he scored on drug deal.
Except the upper side, that is. You know, the place where the houses hang over the beaches, and if you’re lucky enough there’ll be a photogenic sunset waiting for you. An ocean breeze will flutter by, tickling your nose just enough to make you forget that you’re in Gotham. The upper side doesn’t deal with t
:iconobscurephoenix:ObscurePhoenix 4 2
Damian Wayne x Genie!Reader As You Wish
"What is it mother?"

Damian was intrigued. Nothing, no object in his mother's possessions, were quite as well protected as a simple looking lamp sitting in the middle of the room. It was odd for his mother to protect such a useless looking item compared to the valuable antique weapons in her collection. Instead of any of those things, cursed swords, or weapons with supernatural abilities... she instead... chooses to order guards to protect a stupid yellow lamp. It was rather old-fashioned too, distasteful, and ugly looking. Whoever had crafted it had not cared too much about the appearance. His mother, apparently, didn't care too much about it's appearance either. If she did she wouldn't have such an ugly thing so highly protected. 
"Your birthright, my adored." She speaks fluent Arabic and a stray hand finds itself on top of Damian's head. She strokes his hair lovingly as they look upon the lamp. Damian, with confusion, while Talia showed admiration. Damian
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 40 12
Nice try (Nightwing x Reader)Pt.1
"Target acquired" i said as land on top city hall. The general decides to hide behind his best and trusted friend Bruce Wayne . Man this will be too easy i know this place like the back of my hand . Even though he he thought of a good place to hide. Whatever good thing it's the day where wayne enterprises was founded. There doing a ball here .
*Now  to find away in the vents have lasers, and the army is all over . For now there no reason why i should kill the soldiers there just protecting one of there own even if the  person is  a ass whole * . 
 *Guess i'll hack the lasers *
I got my holo pad punched in the the system override code. The lasers went off.  After some time crawling in the vent finally i saw him  walking in  the  hall way.
*There you are you bastard and only three soldiers not even worth aikido *
I jumped down from the  vents  threw three knives silencing a soldier one landed in his heart other his head. One soldier
:iconnightgirl250:nightgirl250 21 0
DMC: Severance Ch. 1
Devil May Cry: SEVERANCE
Chapter 1: Convergence
A Devil May Cry Reader-Insert
[Dante x Reader]
    Nero furrowed his brows and kicked a stray beer can down the alleyway.
    Joining up for the occasional demon hunt over at Devil May Cry usually wasn’t so bad (save for a particular half-devil old man and his typical asshole comments), but this particular night, two hours and forty-five minutes past midnight to be more specific, had Nero bored beyond feasible measure.
    “What kind of horseshit is this?!” he exclaimed and slammed his boot heel into a wall, “where the hell are the stupid demons?”
    Weren’t monsters and creatures of the night and all that crap supposed to pop out once reports of glowing lights and weird chanting surfaced? That’s what a regular job was: bad monsters show up, Nero and company arrived on the scene after getting notified b
:iconkrimlotus:KrimLotus 18 11
Dear Vergil Ch 1: Fascination (Vergil x Reader)
Dear Vergil: Fascination
A Devil May Cry Reader-Insert
(Vergil x Reader) [1/8 of Dear Vergil]
Chapter One: Fascination
    When Devil May Cry became a joint business between brothers, Vergil only complied because there was nothing else for him to do and nowhere else that he could go.
    Ten years ago, his soul was forfeit to Mundus and his body cast into the void. His twin had wandered the earth with a heavy heart that only hardened and blistered with time, as evidenced by the marks of age marring Dante’s once youthful face. It was hard to tell what exactly Dante had gone through, given that Vergil’s senses had been stripped of emotion and sensation. As Nelo Angelo for those ten long years, commands from The Prince of Darkness were the only things that Vergil could hear, and yet his thoughts ran wild as his body mindlessly transformed command to action.
    After all of this t
:iconkrimlotus:KrimLotus 37 7
Commission Info (CLOSED)
Welcome and thank you if you are interested! :heart:

I need money, so I am finally deciding to take Commissions. uvu


I accept PayPal only, no points. I live in the United States, so I accept USD, so when you pay me, please make sure to convert your currency over to American USD.

For commission status, look under the "Newest Deviations" widget on my profile to see where I'm at or how far I've gotten on your commission.

I will give refunds IF I am not able to get the drawing done/not able to do it. I will send you a notice giving you your money back.
Make sure that you read this and make sure that you're able to commission me, don't just up and say "I want to commission you". I can't tell you how many times I've had people do this and then not commission me. It g
:iconsaekiina:Saekiina 14 19
ACEO YCH Priss x Dmi by nickyflamingo
Mature content
ACEO YCH Priss x Dmi :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 47 11
132 Ditto Lineart by lilly-gerbil 132 Ditto Lineart :iconlilly-gerbil:lilly-gerbil 64 3 133 Eevee Lineart by lilly-gerbil 133 Eevee Lineart :iconlilly-gerbil:lilly-gerbil 361 70 128 Tauros Lineart by lilly-gerbil 128 Tauros Lineart :iconlilly-gerbil:lilly-gerbil 81 5 094 Gengar Lineart by lilly-gerbil 094 Gengar Lineart :iconlilly-gerbil:lilly-gerbil 102 8 078 Rapidash Lineart by lilly-gerbil 078 Rapidash Lineart :iconlilly-gerbil:lilly-gerbil 185 16 038 Ninetales Lineart by lilly-gerbil 038 Ninetales Lineart :iconlilly-gerbil:lilly-gerbil 341 57 Pokemon Trainer Creator by joy-ling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjoy-ling:joy-ling 12,018 3,835 pokemon trainer bases by Cerulebell pokemon trainer bases :iconcerulebell:Cerulebell 1,693 270

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United States
I'm just me! Clueless, geeky, imaginative, dreamer, writer, as so on and so on. I love making friends and love hanging out. SO note me or friend me on facebook :)
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Support Stamp | Yettyen by BluAjisai

What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Legendary Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
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Which Zelda Character Are You?
Which Zelda Character Are You?
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Week One Raffle!Our First Raffle
     Hello hello, one and all, welcome to Learn-With-Lyla's first ever raffle!
Today we are celebrating the official end of our first week as a group here on DA!
I wanted to give everyone who has joined us a warm thank you
and to all those just now joining a delighted welcome.
Now to dive right into what I'm sure you're all interested in, the raffle.
How to Enter
1 Ticket for a comment below. (Type "Ticket")
4 Tickets for writing and linking a journal about our raffle.
2 purchasable tickets at 10 :points: per ticket (Send to DreamersRain)
1 Ticket per referral (Up to Three referral bonuses per person)
*For referrals simply tell your friends to mention you in their comment and you'll get the referral bonus tickets.
Total Available tickets per person = 10 Group sta
  by :iconlearn-with-lyla:


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